(Shoh Nah Hah Lieh)


The Opening of the Heart to the Love We Are is occurring profoundly within the Animal Kingdom at ever increasing intensity and rate, even as it is for all of us, for Earth, for Humanity, for Nature, for our Universe.  Spiritual Evolution is evolution of the Heart, Opening to Feeling the Love Prior to that sense of separation we all feel and experience as “ego,”  as well as all the manifestations of such a Transformation.  It is the first time for Earth and all her Beloved, this Journey into the Opening of the Heart for All;  All moving as One Heart vibrantly alive, Living again the Love We Are and have Always Been.

The Animal Kingdom resonates with the emotional body deeply, of the Earth, of the Humans, of all living things.  And hence, within the animals themselves, along with all of Earth and all who live upon Her, the time has come for deep emotional cleansings and ultimately, True Healing founded in Feeling Love, the Greatest Gift bestowed upon a living being.   We Are Love.  Each and every one of us is Birthed From the Love Prior to these feelings of being separate from What Lives Us.  It is Ok to Feel this Love again;  it is OK to allow ourselves to resonate deeply with our emotional bodies and bring profoundly Loving Gestures to ourselves.  The Animal Kingdom is totally dedicated to aiding, to serving the emotional body of Earth, of Nature, of Humans, and finally, now, of themselves.  Ultimately the beings inhabiting the Animal Kingdom will become totally dedicated to their own Spiritual Evolution – as they deserve.  As we all deserve.

That the animals are Opening their Heart to Feeling the Love Prior to their egoic senses of separation from this Love is daily demonstrated in events, in stories, in relationships shared by many around the globe;  in books, on the internet, on television, by word of mouth.  That the Animal Kingdom is “choosing to Be Love First” is presently a movement, energies, Transformations, all around the globe, this Home, this Earth we all inhabit.  And this Transformation and all of its myriad manifestations are occurring Universally.  We are not alone in this   Returning Home to the One Heart, to Feeling the Love We Are.   God Bless the Animals.  God Bless the Humans.  God Bless All.