(Shoh Nah Hah Lieh)


Nature is a Gift of the Divine, in all ways expressive of the infinite Creation inherent in the Love That Lives Us All.   That we are experiencing nature as something that is separate from us, “outside us” that we are observing and no longer feel at home in, is one of the consequences of ego development -  especially development of the “ego mind.”   If you will rest for a moment in your emotional body and feel nature, there is not such a sense of separation as when we are busy in the mind;  and this is all OK, it is part of the exploration here of what I’ve spoken of before -  the sensefeeling of being separate from What Lives Us : Love.

Nature can be felt as a battleground, as a place of that great Triad :  victim, perpetrator, rescuer that has arisen as a factor of the identification of the ego-I with the body, with the vulnerability of the body.  Darwinian evolution is a tremendous compilation and exploration of what it is like to live in the feeling of being separate from Love while exploring the vulnerability of this separate self in various environments.   How overwhelmed we become in Nature when we are living in ego-I separation. 

Nature can be Felt as Union with the Beloved, with God.  And this requires learning to cease to identify with the egoic body mind as being what we are; ceasing to identify with that sense of separation from the Love We Are and learning to Feel Again What Lives Us in Each and Every Moment:  Love.  We Are This Love, and we, each and every one of us comes from this Love.  It is What Lives Us, and It is what we can all return to through Feeling the Love Prior to egoic separation.  As mentioned before, in the self Love  webpage, this is a very easy free will choice, to choose to Feel again.  But we have to really, Really Want This!  We have to have such a deep Yearning in our Heart to Feel this Love We Are again that we just DO It!   And lo and behold, Darwinian evolution as a way of life here; egoic evolution and the karma affiliated with egoic evolution, all fall away!  Just like that! 

Because we are not living in the sense of being separate and battling what is apparently “outside” us in order to survive.  We Are One With whatever arises.  There ceases to be separation, and hence there ceases to be Nature that causes so much fear in our vulnerable beings.  God Bless Us All!  How beautiful and ultimately tender and Loving we Are!   Please read in my book, self Love and the Healing of Our Animal Friends how to become One with Nature as Nature is Healing and learning to Love, to not be so afraid and separate from this Divine Gift.   “As within, so without.”   “As Above so Below.”   All is Healing through remembering to Love, to Love the self, to Love the apparent “other,” to Love Nature, to Love All That Arises here on this beautiful Planet.