(Shoh Nah Hah Lieh)


We are, each of us, animal and human and many other forms, creations of the Sacred Body Factories, these Gifts of God, of the Cosmos founded in the Love and the Metaphysics of Creation of Form.   Love Is, of ItSelf, Formless, without shape or size or color or senses…  but Love Loves, and in this Loving, this Giving Forth Creates the manifold and myriad Creations of Form.   The Sacred Body Factories are trillions of years, eons and eons old, ancient and like everything that manifests has an “evolution”….   i.e., depending upon events, free will choices, CHANGE occurs.  And depending on the environment within which the form changes, very unique evolutions are occurring all over our Universe, all over the billions and trillions of Universes…   let’s say Infinite Universes!  For the only “limit” to the Creation of a Universe is the Will of the Divine, and the Divine is Infinite and it thus follows there are Infinite Universes.

There has been, in our own Universe, and especially on Planet Earth (which we are all really interested in!) unique evolutionary unfoldings.  In order to enhance and aid these unique evolutionary presentations, the relationship between the Sacred Body Factories and what is needed for evolution here on Earth can be monitored, can be experienced, can be felt and learned about…   if only we will ask for such insights.

For myself, I am given dreams, visions, actual 3D experiences of how the Sacred Body Factories create what manifests here as “forms” that we inhabit, that we share, that we can relate through and about our unique world :  Earth, Nature, all Her inhabitants, and ultimately our Universe which shares with us the Gifts of the Sacred Body Factories.

There are many levels of manifestation that occur, the Sacred Body Factories in conjunction with the Soul of each being Co-Create these levels and these manifestations.  We are NOT victims or being “toyed with”…  there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of, to feel powerless about all this.  We are, each and every animal and plant and human and every other lifeform in this Universe, CHOOSING with God what form(s) we wish to inhabit, to explore the myriad and yes, Infinite environments, that exist in the Universes.  We CHOOSE which vessel to inhabit and experience in:  will it be a  Light Body, incandescent and radiant and without high density;  will it be a heavy duty Earth bound vessel made up of a “physical, mental, emotional” and ultimately Soul-based frequencies?  What we choose to experience, what we choose to explore is 100% our own free will choice.  This is true for every living thing.

The “issues” arise when we become in a state of feeling separate from the Love that Co-Created our unique vessel…  i.e., when, through free will choices, we choose to explore what it is like to “Not Feel Love.”   For, this IS a choice.  None of us, animal or human or Nature or Earth or beyond, is a “victim”…  we just forget we ARE LOVE, that’s all!   But then, there are so many “guides, and helpers, Angels, entities, …”  you name it, Thousands and Thousands of beings of many varied frequencies offering their help to us, to help us “Remember the Love”…

Earth Changes and the whole 2012 matrix of “Waking Up” and moving on up the frequencies from deep densities of emotionally entangled despair, powerlessness, hopelessness, anger, rage, .. all of these emotions that we developed while exploring in our uniquely designed and Co-Created body!   We have chosen these energies, to experience them, to experience what it is like to forget we Are Love, to experience and make free will choices (that create Karma) based on feeling Loveless in our ego Universe.

 But it is all a dream, and we are all Waking Up!  It is time to go Home to the Heart!  It is OK to feel the Love again    to Feel the Love Prior to this dense, shutdown ego based hall of fear-filled mirrors.  For that is what it is, a dream, a self-created hall of mirrors based on feeling all alone, all separated from the Truth of What We Are.

 And this is OK!  We chose to go through this!  Why?  I do not “know” but LOVE LOVES   God Loves  That is All There Is   LOVE!   So how will I relate to this astoundingly beautiful unique form I have Co-Created with the Sacred Body Factories today?  In this Moment?   How will I relate to my emotions, my body, my mind, my Soul and all its truly marvelous, astoundingly amazingly beautiful Creations that I AM?!!

 There are, as I have said, many levels of the Sacred Body Factories and there will be more on this later in other sharings with you.  Please, Love Yourself   Love YourSelf   Turn to the Love You Are  NOW  and allow all the beings who are trying to help you Wake Up! Help you!   Allow yourself to Receive the Love You Are.  For This is the Truth.  The hall of mirrors of separation that we have all, animal and human and all of Earth, chosen to explore is but a dream, ending for those who wish to give up this sense of separation and all its agonies.  LOVE LOVES  That Is All.  There IS ONLY Love.   I Love you.     Shoh Nah Hah Lieh