(Shoh Nah Hah Lieh)


Love Is and Love Loves.   This is All.  And our sense of feeling separate from this Love That Loves Us Unconditionally is at the root of all our suffering, our pain, our constant seeking for something to make us happy and fulfilled here in this Universe.   Being on Planet Earth in a sacred vessel (bodymindemotions) is a profound Gift for the exploration of what it feels like to not Feel this Love We Are.  We have, each of us, animal, human, plant, mineral, chosen to explore in this manner what it is like to not Feel the Love We Are -  to be in what we call “ego,” feeling separate and all one from Our Divine Source.

To learn to Love the self is all about remembering that we come from, ARE, ultimately Love ItSelf, even though we may be feeling separate from this Love.  The little “l” love that is what the separate ego knows and feels will never satisfy our yearnings, our cravings for Love with a big “L.”   This little love cannot ever satisfy us because it is always looking in the wrong places to get satisfaction!  And, hey, that is OK in one big sense, because that is what we came here to explore:  what it is like to feel only little love, ego love, love based in the constant need to have someone else (another ego lost lost lost) love us, tell us we are OK, take care of us, …  all things which have nothing at all to do with being Love and being Loving and truly Loving the self.

In my book, self Love and the Healing of Our Animal Friends,  I write and share at length in many chapters how to learn to Love the self;  to help distinguish between egoic love based in the separate self (ego-I) seeking to be loved by another ego and the Feeling by each of us of the Love that is Always, In Each Moment, Forever available to us if we would only turn to this, place our Attention on this Love that is Yearning to be Received and Felt by us.

This is true for the animals as well as the humans, and I write at length in my book how we can help each other,  human & human, animal & human, animal & animal, to learn to Love the self.  To learn to truly Love each other by Being Love First, moving from this Space of Being Love First Radiantly Happy and Giving forth in every way what has been, will always be, available to us, Love!   It is not a hard gesture, to turn to the Love That Is, That pre-exists the ego…  it is truly a simple gesture of free will choice:   either we want to stay in the suffering of the sense of separateness that is a given of the egoic way of being, or we don’t.  We either choose to Want to Feel Love and Be Love, or we don’t.  It is a very, very simple, and profoundly life changing gesture.  What comes after making this choice of Receiving the Love We Are and Living This….   Tremendous life altering changes occur.  Gifts.  Gratitude.  Happiness.  Clearings.  Feelings we have never known in our lives before, that we have forgotten….

So, this website has a lot to do with learning to Love the self again, with remembering who/what We Really Are;  animal And human.  For we are all in this together, with Great Divine Mother Earth leading the way as Nature Opens to the Love It Is, as Earth moves into Union With The Beloved, her self Healing is our self Healing.  Her self Loving is Our self Loving, in every way, at every level.  Gratitude.  Thank You God.